Tamper Proof Dashcams

Within a commercial environment a tamer resistant dashcam can be a life saver.

What this means is that the SD card, and the footage captured on it, cannot be accessed without a key, the case protecting the SD card is locked and can only be accessed by authorised personnel with access to the key.

So, if a driver wants to "lose" the SD card because they don't want the footage to be viewed they are going to find this very difficult with these anti-tamper measures in place.

Part of the anti-tamper is also that the dashcams are "hard-wired" rather than taking their power from the cigarette lighter charger.

This ensures the footage is captured when you want it to be rather than being reliant on the power being plugged in by a driver.

We would always recommend that either on of our approved fitters, or a competent auto electrician is utilised for this installation to ensure that is completed correctly and safely.