Frotcom Entry Level GPS Tracker GV300 with CanBus and Connected Navigation via Garmin Fleet 22D

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The excellent GV300 provides connectivity with the Garmin Fleet 22D navigation unit to provide a great value fully connected solution on the exceptional Frotcom software platform.

We will read information directly from the vehicle onboard computer to provide accurate fuel usage and miles per gallon, excellent information to manage your fuel costs.

Including UK mainland installation, Frotcom TV, driver behaviour, full reporting suite and even route scheduling and optimisation this solution is an exceptional solution most suitable for car and van fleets.

Send and receive messages between the office and your fleet for safer driving and no mistakes, plan and optimise routes in the office and then send them through to the terminal for your drivers to follow.

Live lifetime traffic built in.

Rolling 30 day subscription is £17.99 + VAT and activation will be completed once the subscription is received.

Package includes:

GV300 tracking unit

FMi interface cable

Garmin Fleet 22D

UK mainland installation