Frotcom Ruggedised Android Tablet Connected Dashcam Bundle C4 Max Truck Tracker with CanBus, Tachograph Integration & Remote Tachograph Download & Garmin Fleet 780 Android 64GB

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For your HGV's this is the ultimate hardware solution.

Your tracker with remote tachograph download and CanBus connected to a ruggedised Android tablet with built in dashcam.

The C4 Max provides the perfect HGV telematics solution on the exceptional Frotcom software platform.

Including UK mainland installation, CanBus, Tachograph Integration and remote Tachograph download with route scheduling and optimisation this solution is a dream for any HGV operator.

The Android Fleet 780 provides an intelligent tablet incorporating vehicle specific routing, two way messaging, job despatch, electronic forms with signature capture and an internal forward facing high definition dashcam.

Price includes UK mainland installation.

Package contains:

C4 GPS tracker

Garmin Fleet 780 Android tablet

64GB MLC micro SD card

Rolling 30 day subscription is £17.99 + VAT and activation will be completed once the subscription is received.